Open Auditions for “A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol” Oct 7

Open auditions will be held for Points North’s production of A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol on Monday, Oct 7, 6-9pm at the Recreational Enrichment Center, 1540 Sawdust Rd in The Woodlands.

Everyone’s favorite classic holiday tale gets the fractured fairy-tale treatment. All the famous fairy-tale characters take on all of the memorable roles of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. This fun-filled adaptation stays true to the warmth and heart of the classic tale.

Adult and child actors are encouraged to audition for all relevant roles. Please bring a headshot and resume if available, and be prepared to cold-read from the script. Auditioners under 18 will need an audition form signed by a parent or guardian.

The production will have six performances; two a day (11am and 3pm) on Dec 7, 14, and 21. Rehearsals will take place in The Woodlands Mon thru Thur evenings starting the end of Oct/early Nov.


Santa Claus – kind, jovial narrator
Big Bad Wolf – Scrooge; mean, old, greedy and just plain humbuggy
Philip Charming – our Bob Cratchit; all around good guy and former prince w lost his kingdom and now works for Scrooge.
Bale – Charity rep; little pig who thought straw was darn good building material.
Twig – another charity rep; little pig who build his house out of sticks.
Brick – another charity rep; smartest of the three little pigs.
Jack – Scrooge’s nephew former beanstalk owner & giant slayer who’s fallen on hard times, but loves his uncle.
Cinderella Charming – Mrs. Cratchit; spunky become who loves her husband and children.
Gretel Charming – a Cratchit child; her brother’s keeper.
Hansel Charming – a Cratchit child; has serious directional issue.
Tabitha Charming – reminds us of Tiny Tim; poor little match girl with sunny optimism
Jacob Midas – Marley’s ghost; loves his bling; had the golden touch as Scrooge’s business partner.
Meriwether – the Ghost of Christmas Past; she’s Cinderella’s bibbity-boppity fairy godmother.
Little Bo Peep – Scrooge’s schoolmate in the past
Humpty Dumpty – another past schoolmate
Little Wolf – young Scrooge; think of him as a ten year old cub
Fan – Scrooge’s sister; kind duckling who’s sensitive about her looks
Fezziwig – young Scrooge’s boss; happy kind, charitable shoemaker.
Elf – employee of Fezziwig’s; works nights a lot.
Medium Wolf – young adult Scrooge, twenty or so; a dashing young cub before he morphed into the mangy old dog
Goldilocks – Medium Wolf’s true love and a girl who likes things just right
Old King Cole – the Ghost of Christmas Present; a merry old soul and a merry old soul is he
Snow White – party guest; friend of Jack
Rumpelstiltskin – another
Miss Muffet – another
Peter Piper – another
Mary – Jack’s wife; the contrary one who loves Scrooge… not!
Queen of Hearts – the Ghost of Christmas Future; shrill and mean; don’t cross her or it’s off with your head
Black Sheep – passerby on Christmas morning; recently shorn and freezing in the cold
Extras as Londoners, students, elves, Cat, Little Boy Blue, other partiers.

*Some actors may be cast as multiple characters